I am Tiffany Gibson, an intuitive transformation coach, an expressive intuitive artist, an educator of 27 years, a Reiki Master energy healer, the founder of Soul HeART’s Embrace (SHE) and the creator of the Body Blueprint process and the Designed for More coaching program.

I created SHE as a community space that brings together women who want to experience connection, healing and empowerment. I provide these experiences through intuitive creativity, meditation and heart connection practices in workshops and one-to-one coaching both online and in person.

The Body Blueprint is a process Tiffany created to assist clients to connect to their deepest desires. The process allows clients to awaken to hidden desires and to connect to their inner wisdom to release old wounds, fears and unhealthy attachments, awaken to their higher purpose and achieve their most meaningful potential.

Tiffany has helped many women stand tall in the face of their fears and shatter the confines of their limiting beliefs, in order to step into the life that aligns with their innermost desires and higher purpose. She is able to understand and show great empathy and compassion towards her clients because of her own personal experiences of intense grief, significant loss, and disconnection to her deeper authentic self.

She turned to creating as a way to take her mind off of her struggles and debilitating sadness, and in doing so, discovered the incredible healing powers of creating intuitively. Through this creativity practice, Soul HeART’s Embrace and the Body Blueprint were born.

Tiffany is a Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner. She enjoys sharing this holistic healing art with her clients and providing them with a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal, through her powerful connection to Universal energy.

Throughout her career, Tiffany has spent many years speaking to both large and small groups of children and adults. She speaks in many guises including teacher, workshop facilitator, Master of Ceremonies and public speaker. She enjoys speaking to groups and shares her stories in creative and engaging ways.

Tiffany lives in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia with her youngest daughter. She practices yoga, loves to dance, grows and nurtures roses in her garden, and spends much of her time outdoors in her beautiful surroundings of mountains, forests and oceans. She has a daily intuitive painting and creativity practice and cherishes time spent with her family and other loved ones.

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