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to awaken to what makes you feel most ALIVE!
to throw off the shackles of your limiting beliefs and the expectations of others.
to align with your purpose and live according to what truly matters to YOU!
to stand in the knowledge that you are truly…



Connect to your
Soul HeART Space

If you answered yes! to any of these questions,
then the Designed for More coaching package is for you!

The Designed for More package will help you to:

So that you can...

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Through the power of your own creativity, get ready to embark on a transformational journey of self-exploration!

Connect to your deepest intuition and reawaken to the purpose that makes you feel most alive!

B-r-e-a-th-e into the depths of your Soul Heart Space.

It’s time to live your most joyful, fulfilled and purposeful life!

Get excited! You are on the cusp of something new and amazing! And things are about to change for the best …!

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Meet your Coach

Tiffany Gibson is an intuitive artist, an intuitive transformation coach, the creator of the Body Blueprint, a Holy Fire Reiki Master energy healer, and an educator of 29 years.

Tiffany has helped many women to stand tall in the face of their fears and to shatter the confines of their limiting beliefs in order to step into the life that aligns with their inner-most desires and higher purpose. Due to her own past personal experiences of intense grief, significant loss, and disconnection to her deeper authentic self, she is able to understand and show great empathy and compassion towards her clients.

Tiffany turned to creating as a way to take her mind away from her struggles and debilitating sadness, and in doing so, discovered the incredible healing powers of intuitive creativity. Through this creativity practice, Soul HeART’s Embrace (SHE) and the Body Blueprint were born.

S.H.E. was created to bring women together who want to experience connection, healing and empowerment. Tiffany provides these experiences through intuitive creativity, meditation, and heart connection practices in workshops and one-to-one coaching both online and in person. 

The Body Blueprint was created to assist clients to connect to their deepest desires. It allows clients to awaken to their “hidden” desires, connect to their inner wisdom to release old wounds, fears, and unhealthy attachments, awaken to their higher purpose, and achieve their most meaningful potential.

Throughout her career, Tiffany has spent many years speaking to both large and small groups of children and adults. She speaks in many guises including teacher, workshop facilitator, Master of Ceremonies and public speaker. She enjoys speaking to groups and shares her stories in creative and engaging ways.

A Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner, Tiffany enjoys sharing this holistic healing art with her clients. She provides clients with a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal through her powerful connection to Universal energy.

Tiffany is the mother of two beautiful young women. She spends her spare time practicing yoga, dancing, and growing and cultivating roses in her garden. She spends as much time as possible outdoors in her beautiful surroundings of mountains, forests and oceans on the west coast of Canada. She has a daily intuitive painting and creativity practice and cherishes time spent with her family and friends.

My Happy Clients

Renne A.

"As I went through this process with Tiffany, I experienced more centredness. I was also able to work through some residual grief about my father’s death which I was not expecting at all. Tiffany is a wonderful guide who is great at helping clients to keep our thoughts focused, answering some very difficult questions, and keeping us organized and relaxed. I particularly enjoyed the meditation piece she led us through at the beginning to help us to connect with ourselves on a deep level. I recommend working with Tiffany if you want to gain clarity and focus in your life in general or to focus on one particular area of concern. She will guide you to deeper insights and help you to devise a successful plan of action. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tiffany and am grateful to her for such a powerful and enlightening experience."

"Tiffany provided so much more than just an art workshop. She immediately put us at ease and created a safe and loving space for us to share, learn, and explore. We connected to our soul’s purpose and embarked on a very beautiful experience that gave me insight to the next chapter in my life."

Nia M.

Michelle D. J.

"I’ve worked with Tiffany several times in the last 4 years and I always gravitate back to her because she radiates warmth and understanding. She also creates a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and explore. I trust her guidance as it always assists me in new ways on my healing journey."

"Tiffany’s guided visualization opened me up to an inner awareness I had not experienced so deeply before. With her gentle and caring guidance, I discovered depths of love I had no idea were there inside me. It was truly an enlightening moment that I had so much love to give ... to others and to myself. In addition, I loved how the creative process turned me inward, and how it flowed easily from our intentions. I do not consider myself to be artistic in any way at all, but I was able to easily engage and participate in this process."

Cassia B.

Trina D.

"The Body Blueprint process opened my eyes to how I was actually feeling. It gave me a clear representation of how I was really feeling about things in my life in the present, past, and future and helped me to embrace these feelings rather than push them down and ignore them as I had previously been doing. It made me analyze why I was attracted to certain things and what that was telling me. Tiffany made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to dig deep without feeling any pressure or intimidation. She guided me gently with her warm manner throughout the process. It was a great experience!"

"Before I worked with Tiffany, I was feeling spiritually disconnected and wasn’t paying attention to my creative side or letting myself have fun. I used to attend art classes and even write/draw at home. I used to love to sometimes indulge in treats and I liked to run around and play and explore, but lately I had stopped doing all those things. In Tiffany’s workshop, she shifted my approach to things by encouraging us to set an intention before each activity. My favourite part of working with Tiffany was the undivided attention and time she spent with individuals to work through things, explaining that sometimes things take more time and there is no rush. By the end of the workshop, Tiffany had helped me to interpret the message I needed to hear- to stop ignoring my inner child. After this I consciously made an effort to start playing music and dancing again, and to make time to play and enjoy myself. I would recommend this workshop to anybody who is stuck and can’t work through a problem, or somebody who finds themselves to be experiencing the same life problems repeatedly. Tiffany helps her clients to understand the messages the universe is sending them, so that they can move on."

Keanna B.

Tammy H.

"Tiffany is incredible to work with; she really listens to your needs and taps into her intuition to provide coaching with compassion and empathy. The Body Blueprint was an enlightening process that opened me up to new avenues of being, and I was able to reframe my thinking to allow new possibilities in my life. Highly recommend!"

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